60 Signed Copy of YA Novel (2 of 2): Van Badham

Item: A signed copy of Burnt Snow by Van Badham 

Details: Sophie is in the last term of Year 11. She’s used to moving around with her accountant father and free-spirited mother, so the move to a small town on the South Coast in NSW doesn’t seem too out of the ordinary – at first.

But things are changing around Sophie. A new school means a new start – and she’s tired of her mother’s superstitions and control. When she’s recruited to the ranks of the school’s popular girls, Sophie seizes the opportunity to remake herself… and unleashes forces a lot more threatening than whether she can hide her true nerd nature from the high school bitch brigade.

As Sophie negotiates teenage preoccupations with overprotective parents, whether her pyjamas are cool enough for a sleepover and the school-ground politics of secrets, lies and faithless boyfriends, something dark is hovering on the edge of her vision. The school Goth delivers her an ominous warning, strange birds seem to be following her… and fate keeps reuniting her with the dangerous bad boy with a past that nobody wants to talk about: Brody Meine.

Violent storms suddenly erupt, windows explode in the classroom, and a fire engulfs an entire street. And all these escalating, demonic happenings seem to take place when Sophie and Brody Meine are together…


Reviews… “Van Badham’s ‘own modern classic’” – ABC Radio

“FORGET vampires and angels – witches look like being the new paranormal creature sweeping the young adult scene…Van Badham tackles the supernatural in the accomplished New South Wales-based witch trilogy starting with Burnt Snow… A gripping read… Guaranteed to entertain”  – The Courier-Mail

“I would thoroughly recommend this novel to young and old alike… This is consistently hilarious, genuinely thrilling writing, and a very assured debut.” NSW Writers Centre Newsbite

***** FIVE STARS: “Expect to lose a lot of sleep when you pick up Burnt Snow! This debut novel by Van Badham is an astounding mix of YA romance and paranormal skullduggery! … This is a terrific book.“ Fangtastic Fiction

See Van’s blog.

CV: Van Badham is the award-winning writer of more than 30 internationally produced plays for stage, music theatre and radio. Her theatre plays have had seasons at the Sydney Opera House, the Wharf studio, the Seymour Centre, the Victorian Arts Centre, Perth’s Blue Room and the Adelaide Festival. She has had plays and musical theatre staged at seven Edinburgh Festivals, in London and on the UK touring circuit, in America, in Iceland, Switzerland, Slovenia, Austria and in Germany. MIT Press in the US published her 2003 Edinburgh hit Camarilla. Her scripts for radio have been broadcast by the BBC World Service, Radio 3 and Radio 4. In 2007, Van’s play The Gabrielsbecame the first Australian play selected for New York’s Summer Play Festival.

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