138 Signed copy of the children’s picture book ‘Can I Cuddle the Moon?’ – Kerry Brown 2 of 2

Item: A signed copy of the children’s picture book ‘Can I Cuddle the Moon?’  Details:

Book Information: While he makes some unusual suggestions-the sun, the stars, the moon-wise mother owl looks on, offering advice. A gentle, playful story that concludes with the very best type of cuddle-one from Mum! Lisa Stewart’s stunning collage illustrations make this a book to be treasured.

Brief Bio: Kerry has always had a love of words … she speaks a lot of them! Thankfully, to the relief of her family and friends, this passion for talking has been channeled into writing children’s picture books. This has become her new passion.

Kerry’s motto is ‘Imagination is Magical’.

“Your imagination is a wonderful and powerful thing. It has no limits, expectations or marking key! I’m not saying that spelling and reading aren’t important. They are. However we need to encourage a love and fascination of literature within our children. We need to ignite the spark that gives them an appetite for adventure. Once they are immersed in the joy and satisfaction of storytelling, the rest will follow.”

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