286 Signed Copy of a Picture Book: Sue Whiting

Item: A signed copy of The Fire Fighters by Sue Whiting 

Details: It’s great fun pretending to be a firefighter – zooming through the playground in pretend fire engines, putting out imaginary fires. It is even more exciting when a real fire engine with real live firefighters on board arrive for a surprise visit!

“…This gorgeous picture book offering serves the dual functions of teaching about fire safety and the role of firefighters, and highlighting the fun of imaginative play. It would be a great classroom tool for fire safety lessons, but is equally just a fun read for home or school. The illustrations, by award winning illustrator

Donna Rawlins are in bold acrylics with plenty of red and yellow, matching the bright red endpapers.
Sue Whiting is an exciting writer, creating stories which kids want to read, and which adults enjoy sharing.
An excellent offering.” -Reviewed by Sally Murphy www.aussiereviews.com

For more info, please visit the author’s website.

CV: I taught full time for many years until my children Brad and Lizzie were born. I then started working part time as a Reading Recovery and Learning Support Teacher. It wasn’t until Brad and Lizzie were both at school and I had more time on my hands, that I decided to try my hand at writing professionally. It was a case of now or never. I had harboured the secret dream of writing kids books for too many years and I didn’t want to die wondering. So, I attended writing courses and workshops, completed correspondence courses and tried to learn everything I could about the craft of writing for kids. I wrote whenever I could and started sending manuscripts off to publishers, which of course were promptly returned with a “thanks but no thanks” letter. I massed quite a pile of rejection slips before my first book, Mistie’s Magic, was published in 2000. I now have more than fifty published children’s books! Now I work as an editor at Walker Books and try to fit my writing and school visits around my “real” job.


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