273 Goodie Pack: Sleepers Publishers

Item: A package of goodies, includes four books:

The Sleepers Almanac No. 6
The Danger Game by Kalinda Ashton
Glissando by David Musgrave
Sold by Brendan Gullifer

Details: Sleepers Publishers will donate a book pack of goodies.

The Sleepers Almanac No. 6

Edited by Zoe Dattner and Louise Swinn

The Sleepers Almanac No. 6 is the latest annual collection of short stories from Sleepers, featuring new and emerging authors alongside established authors. Cate Kennedy, Jon Bauer, Kalinda Ashton, Steven Amsterdam – so many, many wonderful words and writers. Make sure you pick up a copy, and if you’re a technophile AND short story enthusiast, we’ve got just the thing for you. The Sleepers App for the iPhone is also here – check it out here.

“Sleepers continues to work a crucial nerve in Australian writing.” – Nam Le

“Supposedly no one buys short story collections, but as the Almanac proves, young writers and writing are still healthy. And they look good, too.” – The Australian

“Sleepers Publishing has been steadily creating a well-deserved buzz around its annual collection of short fiction.” – The Monthly

The Danger Game by Kalinda Ashton – release August 2009 (RRP: $24.95)

“Sometimes the only way to manage the daily percolating drip of fear, the corrosive dread of debt and humiliation, is to embrace another sort of terror, to put oneself in danger.”

Alice and Louise are sisters united by a distrant tragedy – the house fire their brother burnt to death in fourteen years ago. Alice teaches dirt-poor students at a state high school that the government wants to close while she pursues a tumultuouse relationship with a married man. Louse, a habitual liar and recovering heroin addict, has been playing ‘the danger game’ since she was a child, and she can’t stop. But when Louise decides to unravel the truth about her twin brother’s death, and seeks out the mother that abandoned them, everything changes.

“Four-and-a-half stars. While big Australian publishers are busy fighting each other with vampires and gangsters, small presses are quietly putting out some of the most impressive literary fiction of recent years. Melbourne-based Sleepers Publishing have uncovered a writer of exceptional skill and poise, whose debut novel is as outstanding an example of a contemporary realist narrative as you’re likely to find. With echoes of Australian literary heavyweights such as Elliot Perlman or Anson Cameron, Ashton’s story deftly explores the psychological damage of unspoken family history… Ashton allows us to understand the extraordinary importance of ordinary lives.”– Bookseller and Publisher

An unflinching examination of familial and communal bonds. It is masterful, poignant, powerful and true. Ashton’s is a remarkable voice and this is a wonderful novel. – Christos Tsiolkas

SOLD by Brendan Gullifer –release April 2009 (RRP: $24.95)

Money. Lust. Real estate. SOLD takes a fly-on-the-wall look at Melbourne’s property industry. Set in the leafy, prosperous inner suburbs, it follows the fortunes and misfortunes of three agents as they jostle, thrive and try to survive. It reveals the routines, the agents’ listing tricks and the subtle intimidation used to motivate staff and prospective vendors at Prender and Prender Real Estate. Failed AFL footballer, Will Pittman, now a junior agent, is looking for redemption. Former Auckland car dealer Harry ‘The Fox’ Osbourne just wants to pay the kids’ school fees. And Dally Love, the smiling assassin, wants it all: money, the girl, and the warm glow that comes from being seen as a good bloke.

“FOUR STARS. Gullifer’s novel exposes a lot of what we suspected might be the level of integrity of the real estate world. This novel reminded me of Richard Beasley’s Hell Has Harbour Views. It’s a fun ride.”– Bookseller and Publisher

“Scary, hilarious and really well written.” – Peter Moon

“If you like your satire funny, clever and extra sharp, you’ll love SOLD.” – Toni Jordan

“This perfect reading opportunity contains f/f characters, elec plot lines, and wall to wall quality writing. Stunning debut, perfect for entertaining.” – Tony Wilson

Glissando by David Musgrave – release April 2010 (RRP: $27.95)

Glissando is something unique: a thoroughly contemporary novel that marriages the intensity and fervour of Patrick White to the displaced cosmopolitan with of Murray Bail and Gerald Murnane.”– James Bradley

When looking back over his life, Archie Fliess has got some understanding to do. So begins his sprawling reflection, from the day the fortunes of two brothers change when they’re taken to be the rightful owners of their granfather’s property in country NSW. Along their journey they’re introduced to an odd collection of family and caretakers, who don’t always have the boys’ best interests at heart. Archie becomes embroiled in the mystery surrounding his grandfather’s life, as their two stories of disappointment and failed ambition unravel.

Glissando travels along many threads with a playful, philosophical voice in a style reminiscent of Sterne’s Tristram Shandy and White’s Voss. It has a burlesque bravado similar to Steve Tolt’s Fraction of the Whole. It’s an Australia classic, a satirical romp of epic proportions.

“…the care (Musgrave) takes in balancing scholarly fastidiousness with a poet’s luminous prose, high comedy with mortal seriousness, results in a work whose refusal of human depth is qualified by the fathomless riches it provides.” – The Weekend Australian




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CV: Sleepers Publishers info: Based in Melbourne, Victoria, Sleepers was founded by Zoe Dattner and Louise Swinn in July 2003. Zoe and Louise are aided and abetted by a team of interns and work experiencers, too many and too valuable to mention, as well as a veritable smorgasbord of mentors and friends, not to mention our long-suffering families. But basically it’s just us. Sleepers’ goals are to:

  • make Australian writing a profitable enterprise for both writers and publishers
  • build a broad desire for and recognition of good writing
  • publish and establish a highly reputed and stable backlist of Australian literary fiction
  • assist writers in their careers, and promote Australia’s literary publishing houses
  • create an interweaving network in which writers can collaborate with artists from other disciplines to redefine the accepted notions of literature

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