115 A signed copy of YA novel, “Chasing Boys” – Karen Tayleur – 2 of 3

Item: A signed copy of YA novel, “Chasing Boys”


Book Information: “Eric gives me his Eric smile as he strolls out the door. I know it’s the smile he uses on all the girls, but I can’t help my heart tripping over itself with excitement. I can’t help staring after him as he leaves. When I turn back I see Gaston watching me watching Eric.

“‘Hey! What’s your name?’ Gaston calls out.

“‘Ariel,’ I say. No-one calls me Ariel. No-one, except Mum. ‘Ariel,’ I repeat. Gaston executes a perfect lip curl and says, ‘Well, see you tomorrow — Ariel Ariel.’”

A page-turning coming-of-age story for girls who don’t like pink.

Brief Bio: Karen Tayleur lives in the hills of the Dandenong Ranges with her husband and two kids who always leave their homework to the last minute. As well as being expert at year seven German and Chinese and holding down a four-day-a-week job, she is a writer.

Her kids have helped her tap back into school-age politics; back to a time when there was always a Rose Thornton ready to rain on everybody’s parade. When there was always a school bully, a cranky neighbour and an annoying sibling to contend with.

As a child, Karen was a constant audience for her father’s boyhood recollections. His stories have grown larger than life over the years. She’s not saying he is a liar. But he has been known to bend the truth.

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