110 Signed copy of Salvation – Vikki Petraitis – 2 of 2

Item: One of two signed copies of Salvation by Vikki Petraitis.


Book Information: In the early 1950s, Rod Braybon’s father had died, leaving his mother with eight children she couldn’t care for. As a ward of the state, Rod was passed from institution to institution until he finally ended up at the notorious Bayswater Boys’ Home run by the Salvation Army. Rod endured years of ill-treatment at the hands of the Salvation Army, then spent a life-time repressing the memories that haunted him.

Finally, Rod decided to speak out. His story created a nation-wide sensation and won a prestigious award for the journalist who broke it.
That Rod survived at all, is nothing short of a miracle. Salvation is a story of courage and the indomitable Aussie spirit.

Brief Bio: Vikki Petraitis has been writing crime books for nearly two decades. Her book on Frankston serial killer, Paul Denyer has become a classic in the genre.

Above all else, Vikki is known for the human side to her stories. She asks the questions: why do people do what they do? How do people cope when they are victims of crime, or the loved ones left behind? What is the human cost when people choose the wrong path?

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