216 Biography/Say It Out Loud 2 of 2: Neil McMahon

ITEM: One signed copy of Adam Sutton’s memoir Say It Loud: Journey of a Real Cowboy by Neil McMahon and Adam Sutton, published by Random House.

DETAILS: Adam is a masculine daredevil who survives on the strength of his boisterous character. He is ‘the crazy bastard’ – the maddest, bravest bloke in the room – who has faced tragedy, a prison stint, and five long years on the road, but who could not face himself. His extraordinary and unlikely journey from the world of cowboys, rodeos and stereotypes, to Hollywood and, finally, to self-acceptance, is a powerful reminder that sometimes truth is even stranger than Hollywood fiction.

‘Ridiculously good.’ – David Marr
‘I loved this book. It’s brave and touching.’ – Rupert Everett
‘A deeply moving journey that pays tribute to the superpower of a loving family.’ – Lucy Clark, Sunday Telegraph
‘It took the film Brokeback Mountain to coax out Adam Sutton’s own amazing story. With the help of journalist friend McMahon, the mixed-up, angry kid unravels a complex story that involves a fatal traffic accident, extreme risk behaviour and a family that sticks by him. You wouldn’t read about it in Hollywood.’ – Sunday Times, Perth
‘As commonplace as it is extraordinary. Extraordinary for the environment through which he makes his journey… on the evidence of this moving book he has come a long way fast.’ – Robert Bevan, Sydney Morning Herald.


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