47 Feedback on 3 Chapters + Synopsis (1 of 3): Fleur McDonald

ITEM: A report giving feedback on three chapters and a synopsis of your novel, in order to help you prepare it for submission, by Australian author Fleur McDonald. 

DETAILS: Fleur will give you constructive criticism of your three chapters in terms of style, pace, characterisation and so on. She’ll give you feedback on your synopsis, too (notoriously tricky as they are!) in order to enhance your chances of catching the eye of an agent or publisher.

NB. This item cannot be claimed until after July, as Fleur will be handing in her third manuscript to Allen & Unwin that month!

CV: Fleur McDonald was born and bred in Orrorro, the mid-north of South Australia.but completed her secondary education in Adelaide. After school she spent a couple of years jillarooing in South Australia and Western Australia. Fleur lives with her husband and two children on a station near Esperance in Western Australia. Fleur is very involved in the daily management of their 8000 acres. Her novels, inspirational outback sagas Red Dust and Blue Skies, are published by Allen & Unwin.

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