42 Signed Copies of 5 Children’s Books (1 of 2 sets): Carol Faulkner

ITEM: A signed copy of each of the following: Chester and Gil, The Meteorite Kid, The Hunt for Houdini, Dads Have No Shame, My Cat The Alien

DETAILS: Suitable for ages 6-9, here’s praise for The Meteorite Kid… “Fantastical but grounded in the real world this is a good fun read. Recommended for upper-primary and early secondary-readers.” http://www.aussiereviews.com.au

My Cat The Alien…When Michael is awoken in the middle of the night by the sound of his cat’s voice, he is amazed to find that his cat can speak to him. Following the cat’s instructions, he gets dressed and goes out into the street. Join Michael and his cat on an exciting nocturnal adventure. Find out who the mysterious Zyklor is and join him on his mission on Earth. A Momentum Literacy Program Step 6 Level D

Dad’s Have No Shame is part of the Aussie Bites series… Sarah Allen’s dad is holding a garage sale . . . and so is Mr Doggett, across the road. Both dads go crazy trying to pull the customers in with one idea after another. Oh, the embarrassment! Why is it, dads have no shame?

Chester and Gil live in the same goldfish bowl. While Gil just floats around the same old place, Chester knows he can save the world. His motto, ‘Life is what you make it’, takes on epic dimensions in this funny story of a fishy odd couple and the power of thinking big.

The Hunt For Houdini is part of the Totally Kidz series, designed to help even the most reluctant reader to develop a lifelong love of reading. Created in consultation with an educational expert, the books ensure that kids experience success and enjoyment as they practise and develop their reading skills.

CV: Carol Faulkner is a full-time children’s author living in Adelaide’s western suburbs. Her first book, “My Cat the Alien” was published after she completed a Diploma of Professional Children’s Writing in 1999. Other titles include “Dads Have No Shame”, “The Hunt for Houdini” and “Chester and Gil”. She is married with two teenagers, a German shepherd and a green tree frog. She enjoys music, reading, crosswords, and good times with family and friends.
















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