28 Signed Copy of A Surfing Christmas (2 of 2): Meryl Harris

ITEM: A signed copy of the AUSSIE AUSSIE AUSSIE children’s book, A Surfing Christmas, by Meryl Harris, published by Blake Education. 

DETAILS: Scott Chester won’t have anything to do with his family’s new Christmas traditions. No way is he going to stay at hone, having a traditional Christmas dinner. He’s already planned the perfect day at the beach with his best friend, Nick. He can’t let Nick spend Christmas all on his own. Scott’s mum has other ideas, however, and the boys are in for a Christmas suprise.

AUSSIE! AUSSIE! AUSSIE! stories are written for young Australians aged 7–10 and levelled appropriately. They are supported by cartoon illustrations which add meaning to the text for the young reader.

The series was commissioned to ensure Australian primary school students have access to engaging, quality Australian stories and stories set in an Australian context.

The stories were chosen for the quality of the story and the way in which it represented the essence of the Australian character, Australian values and the uniqueness of the Australian urban, rural and natural environment.

CV: Meryl got her first children’s reader in print in 2008. Go to http://www.jelli-beanz.blogspot.com/ to see an interview and review. She has been placed in world-wide writer’s competitions, won contests for her haikus, humour and short stories and sold short stories to magazines and papers. She has a Diploma’s in Art studies, novel writing and journalism and has worked as a journalist.


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