25 Signed Copy of It Couldn’t Happen To Me…But It Did (1 of 2): Michelle Hamer

ITEM: A signed copy of the novel It Couldn’t Happen To Me But It Did, by Michelle Hamer. 

DETAILS: Ever wanted to know how it feels to win Tattslotto, die and come back to life, be brainwashed by a cult or attacked by a shark? These stories and more are told in this collection of amazing, inspiring and frightening events that happened to ordinary Australians.

CV: Michelle Hamer is an Australian author and journalist. She is the author of five books published in several countries. Hamer is a regular contributor to The Age  and co-author with Lisa Blundell of the best-selling Australian novel, Gucci Mamas, and its follow up, Versace Sisters (Random House). Lisa Blundell and Michelle Hamer jointly write under the name, Cate Kendall. They have been described as a ‘national sensation’. Hamer’s non-fiction titles include It Couldn’t Happen to Me…But it Did (Lothian), How it Feels (New Holland) and Delivery by Appointment (New Holland).

Hamer is a prolific Australian journalist who has written for almost every capital city newspaper within Australia, as well as many national magazines including FHM, Women’s Health, Parents, Mother and Baby, Good Health and Medicine, New Idea, Woman’s Day, Disney Adventures and New Woman. She has written for the Australian newspapers The Herald Sun, The Brisbane Courier Mail, The Tasmanian Mercury, The Canberra Times, The Sydney Morning Herald, The Adelaide Advertiser, The West Australian and The Financial Review.

Hamer is the mother of four children. She lives in Melbourne, Victoria.

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