99 Signed Copy of ‘The Kid whose Mum kept Possums in her Bra’ – Dianne Wolfer

Item: Signed Copy of  ‘The Kid whose Mum kept Possums in her Bra’


Book Information: Mum looked down. The possum’s nose was peeking out from her bra. She laughed as the scritchy whiskers twitched back and forth. ‘Stop it,’ I hissed. ‘You’re embarrassing me!’

Mon is used to being embarrassed by her hippy mother, but when her mum smuggles a baby possum into the class pet show, it’s the last straw!

A beautifully designed and illustrated chapter book that will bring smiles to many readers’ faces. Highly recommended for early and mid-primary readers. Reading Time

…this engaging story will strike a chord with anyone who has ever felt embarrassed by their family (and who hasn’t?!). But the animals are the stars of this book and there’s a heap of info and contact numbers at the back Magpies

Brief Bio: I have always been a bookworm and I’m sure that has helped in my writing I’ve kept some stories from primary school, but I didn’t begin writing seriously until I left school. My first book, Dolphin Song was published in 1995. Now I have 11 books in print with more on the way. My books are about things that interest me; different cultures, the environment, friendship, being brave, turns in the road and taking chances. I like trying to explore things from different perspectives. Three of my books are written from more than one point of view: Dolphin Song, Choices and Photographs in the Mud. I read or write every day and can’t imagine a world without books.

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