24 Signed Copies of 2 Bestselling Romps!: Cate Kendall

ITEM: Two signed copies – Chanel Sweethearts and Versace Sisters – by the writing team Michelle Hamer and Lisa Blundell, who write under the pseudonym Cate Kendall. 


DETAILS: Chanel Sweethearts – Country girl Jess has lost so much in the past year. So when an old flame reappears to offer her a new life in the city, far from the idyllic country town where she grew up, Jess decides to trade her Blundstones for stilettos and reinvent herself as a sophisticated city designer. But can she leave Stumpy Gully and her beloved General Store, which she transformed from rickety shed into a thriving, funky destination at the heart of the small town? Has she got what it takes to succeed in the city? And what about the friends she will leave behind, and the possibility of a romance with her oldest, dearest friend? This is another sassy, engaging commercial women’s fiction read from the bestselling authors of Gucci Mamas and Versace Sisters

Versace Sisters – From the backwaters of Tasmania to the sophisticated streets of Sydney, sisters Bellarene and Serandipity have come a long way. As international flight attendants the world is their oyster – until Sera fell in love and settled for family life. Obsessed with keeping up appearances, Sera goes to extreme lengths to maintain the illusion of perfection, while Bella just wants to fly away-from the responsibility of mothering her little sister, from the sadness of her broken marriage, and from memories of the past. Gathering her friends at Stitch ‘n’ Bitch is like therapy. There’s a lot of talk, and not much knitting- and they wouldn’t have it any other way. Ditzy Mallory has her own shocks in store, and single mum Chantrea agonises over work and childcare. Widowed single dad, Sam, is terrified of the dating scene, and Sera’s uptight neighbour, Jacquline, has a little secret, one which could destroy her neatly ordered world. Meanwhile Joan, Sera’s mother-in-law, watches then all and sniffs with disdain at their trivial worries. Sera wants to be perfect. Bella just wants to be free. Will the sisters get what they want?



Cate Kendall is actually writing team Lisa Blundell and Michelle Hamer who first met as private school mums over a latte in mid-2005. As they sipped coffee and poked fun at the posh mums of the private school world it dawned on them that this topic could make a great book. The girls worked together extremely well from the first day. As the novel progressed the two created a system where Lisa would write the first 1000 words of a chapter, often using the notes created from their first brainstorming session. She would then email this ‘scaffolding’ to Michelle who would add another 1000 over the top of Lisa’s; embellishing, polishing and when Lisa went too far – taking it just that little bit further!! As a prolific journalist, Michelle has been widely published across Australia, has been an editor at The Age, and is author of the books: “It Couldn’t Happen to Me,” How it Feels, and Caesarean Culture. The advertising game was Lisa’s entrée into writing with several years copywriting under her belt – she also writes for The Age. The two mums each have four children. We’ve had at least one babe, and sometimes all eight, with us throughout this project,” said Michelle, “but that’s okay, we do our best work amidst chaos.” Michelle and Lisa are now proud to now be publishing their third book together, Chanel Sweethearts, which is set to be another hilarious bestselling romp.










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  • Arlo  On 17/01/2011 at 10:17 pm

    I love Cate Kendall. I’ll bid $50.

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