268 Signed Copy of The Children: Charlotte Wood

Item:  A signed copy of The Children, by Charlotte Wood.

Details: You bring your children up to escape sorrow. You spend your best years trying to stop them witnessing it – on television, in you, in your neighbours’ faces. Then you realise, slowly, that there is no escape, that they must steer their own way through life’s cruelties.’

In The Children Charlotte Wood, one of Australian fiction’s rising stars, delivers a short, sharp shock of a novel that takes us into the heart of a family as normal, and as broken, as any other.

When their father is critically injured, foreign correspondent Mandy and her siblings return home, bringing with them the remnants and patterns of childhood. Mandy has lived away from the country for many years. Her head is filled with images of terror and war, and her homecoming to the quiet country town – not to mention her family and marriage – only heightens her disconnection from ordinary life. Cathy, her younger sister, has stayed in regular contact with her parents, trying also to keep tabs on their brother Stephen who, for reasons nobody understands, has held himself apart from the family for years.  In the intensive care unit the children sit, trapped between their bewildered mother and one another; between old wounds and forgiveness, struggling to connect with their emotions, their past and each other. But as they wait and watch over their father, there’s someone else watching too: a young wardsman, Tony, who’s been waiting for Mandy to come home. As he insinuates himself into the family, the pressure, and the threat, intensify – building to a climax of devastating force.

This acutely observed novel exposes the tenacious grip of childhood, the way siblings seem to grow apart but never do, and explores the price paid for bearing witness to the suffering of others – whether far away or uncomfortably close to home. The Children marks Wood as one of our finest writers.

CV: Charlotte Wood is an Australian fiction writer.

She is the editor of Brothers & Sisters, a collection of short stories and non-fiction about siblings by 12 of Australia’s finest writers.

Her most recent novel, The Children, was described byAustralian Book Review as “a graceful and empathetic portrayal of one family seeking to understand itself,” and The Australiandescribed Charlotte as “a captivating, questing writer whose work is well worth watching”.

The Children was shortlisted for the Australian Book Industry Association’s literary fiction book of the year. Charlotte’s previous novel, The Submerged Cathedral, was shortlisted for the Miles Franklin Award and the Commonwealth Writers’ Prize in its region 2005. Her first book, Pieces of a Girl, was also shortlisted for several prizes.

She writes a blog about cooking at www.howtoshuckanoyster.com. She lives in Sydney with her husband Sean and is working on her fourth novel.

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