89 Signed set of middle reader books – Being Bee, The Wish Pony, Magenta McPhee & Mimi and the Blue Slave – Catherine Bateson

Item: A signed set of middle reader books – Being Bee, The Wish Pony, Magenta McPhee & Mimi and the Blue Slave


Book Information: Magenta McPhee:

For Magenta McPhee, life is good. It would be almost perfect if she could sort out her dad, who quite possibly needs saving – from himself.
Desperate times call for desperate measures, even if those measures involve identity fraud on a dating site, and replying, as your father, to emails he doesn’t even know he’s been getting.
But when pretending to be someone else is taking you away from your life’s purpose – writing the next great fantasy novel – things might have gone too far.
In MAGENTA MCPHEE, Catherine Bateson has once again created a cast of delightfully real characters who will stay in the reader’s memory long after the last page is turned.

Book Information: Mimi and the Blue Slave:

When grief strikes, you need an ally. For Mimi, that ally is Ableth, the wildly disobedient blue slave. He comes, he goes, he says and does whatever he likes, but he’s always there when Mimi needs him most, offering his own brand of crooked wisdom.

Ableth says, ‘You need to learn to look under the surface of things. Look at water. It’s just a great expanse of blue with little wavelets and riffs of foam. But underneath the surface are whole worlds of wonder. There are treasures and wrecks and bones . . .’

But it’s hard to look beneath the surface when your Mum is shipwrecked by despair, and you’re the only one left to keep things afloat. There’s a bric-a-brac shop to run, your first Christmas without a dad, and quite possibly a fugitive taking refuge in your back shed.

This warm, captivating story celebrates the odd families we make, as well as those we are born into.

Book Information: The Wish Pony:

Ruby’s mum is having a baby, but why does she need one of those when she’s already got a Ruby?

To make matters worse, her best friend Sarah has just found another, BETTER friend.

It seems like everyone is abandoning her.

But when Ruby meets the mysterious Magda, who gives her a very special gift that might, just MIGHT, even be a bit magical, everything begins to change.

This delightful story from the multi-award-winning author of BEING BEE and RAIN MAY AND CAPTAIN DANIEL will fill the young reader with wonder, hope and amazing possibilities.

Book Information: Being Bee:

Since Bee’s mother died, it’d been just her, her dad and her guinea pigs, Lulu and Fifi. Nothing stays the same forever though, and when Jazzi moves in, bringing with her a whole new way of looking at things and a whole lot of secrets, Bee knows life is going to be completely different from now on.

But change can be a scary thing, and when someone reaches out to you, sometimes the hardest thing to do is to take their hand.

This heartwarming, humorous and vibrant story from award winning author Catherine Bateson reminds us that love comes in many shapes and sizes…

…even in the form of guinea pigs.

Brief Bio: Catherine Bateson writes poetry, verse novels and novels for both younger readers and young adults. She has won the CBCA Book of the Year for Younger Readers twice – with RAIN MAY AND CAPTAIN DANIEL, 2003, and Being Bee, 2006. RAIN MAY AND CAPTAIN DANIEL also won the Queensland Premier’s Literary Award. Three of her other novels, THE WISH PONY, PAINTED LOVE LETTERS and MILLIE AND THE NIGHT HERON were CBCA Honour Books. MILLIE AND THE NIGHT HERON was shortlisted for the YABBA and the KOALA Children’s Choice awards, 2007. Her first book for Woolshed Press was the critically acclaimed THE WISH PONY, which was an Honour Book in the 2009 CBCA Book of the Year awards.

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