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Item: A copy of “Worlds Next Door”


Book Information: A brilliant new collection of speculative fiction stories for 9-13 year olds. Worlds Next Door has its own website containing lesson plans and ideas, free downloads of individual stories, podcasts and lots of other great material for use in the classroom.

There are worlds where ships take travellers through space like taxis. Worlds where your worst nightmare destroys your greatest dreams. Worlds where magic makes the rules.

What you have here is not a book, but a key to worlds that exist under your bed, in your cupboard, in the dark of night when you’re sure you’re being watched. what you have is a passport to the worlds next door.

Containing 25 bite-sized stories by Australian authors including Paul Collins, Michael Pryor, Pamela Freeman, Dirk Flinthart, Tansy Rayner Roberts and Jenny Blackford, Worlds Next Door is perfect for the budding reader.

Brief Bio: FableCroft Publishing is an independent press dedicated to the future of speculative fiction in Australia.

The creation of Australian editor Tehani Wessely, FableCroft has a charter to promote new and established authors and artists in the speculative fiction field, as well as the broad genre as a whole.


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