10 Historical Romance E-Books: Erin Grace

ITEM: A pack containing 2 historical romance ebooks by Erin Grace plus a handmade bobbin-lace bookmark, made by the author. 


Secrets… Everyone has secrets. Some can be ruinous. When Isabelle Barclay is left widowed at the age of twenty-five, she discovers how precarious life can be for a woman alone in the 1850s. She’s surrounded by sycophantic friends who fear her, and treacherous men determined to have her. She escapes to the wilds of the beautiful Scottish Highlands, and is rescued by an unlikely ally with her own hidden past. She didn’t expect to find a revenge plot, a treasured friendship, or a powerful attraction to a Scottish laird determined never to love. A stormy affair and a midnight duel threaten to change Isabelle’s life forever.

Serenade… Grace is plotting a course for unknown territory.

When young Grace Hathaway decides to escape from the threat of marriage to a horrible man, she takes her fate into her own hands, stowing away on the Serenade with the aim of sailing to Spain.

Captain Marcus James is haunted by a violent past he can barely remember except in the dark murky sea of his dreams. Competition with government traders has seen him take on illegal hidden goods, just to keep The Serenade and her crew afloat. The last thing he needs is undue attention from the wrong quarters, and the last thing he expects to find is Grace.

Facing stormy seas, bloody battles with pirates and a sizzling romance, will Grace and Marcus find a port of call?

CV: Escaping from her ‘real world’ of sales and marketing, Erin immerses herself in unfolding tales of dire circumstance, brave heroines, unscrupulous villains and, of course, passionate hot-blooded men. When not writing, Erin indulges in her love of home-style food by teaching her children to cook. Erin lives with her husband and three sons in the beautiful Blue Mountains of Australia.

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