180 Lifestyle & Inspiration/The Pram Diet 1 of 2: Rebecca Mugridge

ITEM: One signed copy of ‘The Pram Diet’ by Rebecca Mugridge published by Random House.

DETAILS: Overweight and miserable after the birth of your baby? THE PRAM DIET offers inspiration, hope and realistic, practical tips from a mum who turned her life around with one simple thing: her baby’s pram.
Many mothers with new babies find it hard to lose weight after their child is born. Sometimes it’s because they lack the time to prepare nourishing food for themselves or to exercise. Sometimes it’s because they’re suffering from postnatal depression. Rebecca Mugridge understands – following the birth of her first child she was overweight and unhappy, and at a loss to do anything about it. Then one day she put her baby in the pram and went for a walk. Several months and a lot of pram-walking later, she had lost 30 kgs and found a new lease of life,as well as a passion to help other mums.

CV:Rebecca Mugridge is 28 years old and lives in the Bundaberg area of Queensland. When she is not busy looking after her two-year-old daughter Lily, and writing, she is a passionate horticulturist.

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