169 MM Fiction 18 plus/Four Book Pack: Michele L Montgomery

ITEM: Four MM fiction titles by author Michele L Montomery. Readers must be over 18 years.

DETAILS: The four books are titled ‘River of Tears’, ‘Behind Blue Eyes’, ‘Lethal Obsession’, ‘Lies of Omission’.

River of Tears is about a woman’s struggle as she searches for her missing husband, which leads to shocking revelations about him, his family, and the crime of adult kidnapping.

Behind Blue Eyes is really a three part series on its own that takes you from Chicago to Italy where each of the characters you read about will come together in a grand finale. Titled: Lethal Obsession: Brothers in Arms.

CV: Michele says ‘I live in a place where I allow my imagination to rule me. I have lived most all of my life wondering– ‘What If?’ Things just sort of go from there. I have more fun sitting in front of my computer getting lost in my “characters’ lives” than riding a roller coaster. Then again, I love playing the Sims too…something in common there?’

You can find out more about Michele L Montgomery here http://www.michelelmontgomery.com/

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