74 Signed Copy of ‘Horse Mad’ – Dianne Wolfer

Item: Signed Copy of ‘Horse Mad’


Book Information: When Bay wakes up on her eighth birthday she discovers she can no longer neigh, and that when she tosses her mane it’s just hair. Bay tries everything to regain her horsiness. She stamps her feet, swishes her tail and feasts on carrots, but nothing works. And if she isn’t a horse, how can she be a member of the Pony Club?

Gently told, delightfully presented, Horse Mad beautifully captures the guileless, sweet ability of very young children to enter their own private world – Magpies

Brief Bio: I have always been a bookworm and I’m sure that has helped in my writing I’ve kept some stories from primary school, but I didn’t begin writing seriously until I left school. My first book, Dolphin Song was published in 1995. Now I have 11 books in print with more on the way. My books are about things that interest me; different cultures, the environment, friendship, being brave, turns in the road and taking chances. I like trying to explore things from different perspectives. Three of my books are written from more than one point of view: Dolphin Song, Choices and Photographs in the Mud. I read or write every day and can’t imagine a world without books.

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