136 Signed copy of the Scratch and Patch series – Angela Bueti – 2 of 3

Item: A signed copy of the Scratch and Patch series of books for boys


Book Information: The Scratch and Patch series: Levels 1-3 is made up of three titles: Going Out (Level 1); Riding Around (Level 2); and Fishing and Surfing (Level 3).

The WOW books4boys were created to help all young boys develop a love of reading. Scratch and Patch, two deliciously crazy characters, love doing all the things young boys love to do. Follow them on adventures as they explore the world around them in a wickedly funny way!

Beautifully illustrated and full of colour, young boys will warm to these funny stories, whilst learning to recognize high frequency words, interest words and grammar marks along the way.

Brief bio: Angela Bueti has worked in the training and education field since 1991, and began her own training consultancy specialising in workplace literacy training in 1996.

She is a specialist in communication and literacy issues in business. She holds a Masters in Education with undergraduate studies in literacy, English as a second language, and communication.

Angela’s passion is organisational communication. She has worked in a wide range of industries, always with the aim to better their business communication.

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