262 Six Book Set/Junior Fiction: Karen Tayleur

ITEM: One author signed copy of each of the six books in the David Mortimore Baxter Books set, a middle reader set published by Black Dog Books.


Liar!: The True Story of David Mortimore Baxter

David Mortimore Baxter has a terrible problem he can’t stop lying. His nearly-next-door neighbour thinks David lies so much he must have a medical condition. His mum calls it truth-bending.The trouble is, once you start bending the truth it’s really hard to straighten in out again.

“I wouldn’t call myself a liar, it’s just that sometimes I say things that aren’t quite true. When I told my class that Smashing Smorgon the wrestler was coming for Sunday lunch, there was only one problem – he wasn’t. Of course, it was Rose Thornton’s fault. It usually is.”

Excuses!: Survive and Succeed with David Mortmore Baxter

The Truth!: David Mortimore Baxter Comes Clean

Secrets!: The Secret Life of David Mortimore Baxter

Promises!: Vote 1 David Mortimore Baxter

Manners!: Staying Out of Trouble with David Mortimore Baxter

BIO: Karen Tayleur lives in the hills of the Dandenong Ranges with her husband and two kids who always leave their homework to the last minute. As well as being expert at year seven German and Chinese and holding down a four-day-a-week job, she is a writer.

Her kids have helped her tap back into school-age politics; back to a time when there was always a Rose Thornton ready to rain on everybody’s parade. When there was always a school bully, a cranky neighbour and an annoying sibling to contend with.

As a child, Karen was a constant audience for her father’s boyhood recollections. His stories have grown larger than life over the years. She’s not saying he is a liar. But he has been known to bend the truth.

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  • Bonnie Bright  On 18/01/2011 at 3:12 pm

    $20 Good to see a writer from the Dandenong Ranges

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