112 A signed copy of The Tomorrow Book – Jackie French

Item: A signed copy of The Tomorrow Book


Book Information: ‘That’s REAL LIFE, your royal highness,’ said the butler kindly.

‘Well…’ said the little prince. “I think real life could be improved.’

The little prince loves reading the books in the palace library, but somehow the real world never seems as good as he imagines. So, when his parents leave him in charge, he and his friends start to change the world using the ideas from the books in the palace library. Together, they believe, the world can be perfect.

Brief Bio: Jackie French is a full-time writer and wombat negotiator who lives near Araluen, NSW. Her previous books, including Hitler’s Daughter and To the Moon and Back, have seen French awarded the CBC Younger Readers award and the Eve Pownall Award among more than 50 other awards in Australia and overseas. In October 2010 she was awarded a NSW Premiers History Award for her novel The Night They Stormed Eureka.

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