233 Biography/Affection (USA Edition): Krissy Kneen

ITEM: One signed copy of ‘Affection A memoir of love, sex and intimacy’ by Krissy Kneen.


  • shortlisted, Biography of the Year, ABIA, 2010
  • shortlisted, Non-Fiction category, QLD Premier’s Literary Awards, 2010

Colour. I see colour. I feel heat and pressure and the edges of everything become indistinct. I hover at the edge of a thought. When I fall over the edge I am surprised. Pleased. It is as if I have succumbed to colour. I am filled with it, and full of the idea of smell. My body pulses in the aftermath of this transformation.

This is my first orgasm. I can name it now. I can re-live it. But back then, at the beginning of things, there was no line between the colours and the heat and the scent.

When she was a child Krissy Kneen fell deeply, helplessly in love with her own sexuality. As a young woman she pursued her desires down whatever risk-strewn paths they led. Now, middle-aged and happily married, she remains driven by the need for orgasm, racked by obsessive lust, constantly in thrall to the temptation of pornography.

Could this be a problem?

Affection is the true story of a woman, her body and the extraordinary adventures they’ve shared. It is erotic, insightful and gorgeously written—a profound and disturbing odyssey of self-acceptance, from a major new voice in Australian literature.

CV:Krissy Kneen is a writer and bookseller. She is the author of a short collection of erotica, Swallow the Sound, and she lives in New Farm, Brisbane with her husband.Affection is her first full-length book.

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    I shall start off at $15

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    i’ll put one in for $30. i adore this book.

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    I’ll put $55 – meant to get a copy but hadn’t got around to it
    This is a great initiative

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