251 Cook Book/Keep The Table Laughing 2 of 3: Susan Whelan & Meredith Flynn

ITEM: One copy of the cook book ‘Keep the Table Laughing’ by Susan Whelan and Meredith Flynn signed by both authors.


Forget your glossy pix and obscure ingredients – this is about aussie mums cooking dinkum food and with plenty of chat about it….Even if you don’t cook, this is a fun read – and a great antidote to the pretentiousness of most cookbooks today. Casey-Cardinia Library Corporation


“The funniest Cooking Book you will ever come across!”

“Keep the Table Laughing” is full of quick, tasty and practical recipes for real people, it is also full of funny anecdotes from the authors making it very entertaining. Smart-Mums

BIO: Susan Whelan is a full-time mother of three, with a passion for words and literature. During high school, she contributed articles to school magazines and was involved in several extracurricular creative-writing projects. Since then, her creative writing has been largely limited to regular journal entries and frequent correspondence with friends and family both interstate and internationally. In the past few years, her writing skills have been honed through essays related to her university studies. Susan is currently completing a Bachelor of Arts with a focus on English and History. She is a member of the NSW Writers’ Centre and has recently been accepted as a member of Mensa.

BIO: Meredith Flynn is also a full-time mother, who until recently also worked in a busy travel agency, where she found that organising last-minute round-the-world itineraries was an absolute doddle compared with looking after two young children. Over the years she has particularly enjoyed the people-contact side of the job, both with her clients in Australia and during her travels overseas. Meredith’s interest in words and writing also began in high school where she was an active member of the public speaking and debating teams. This led her to completing a Bachelor of Arts degree with a dual major in English and German literature.

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