265 Mentorship/One hour: Wendy Orr

ITEM: One hour mentorship (face to face in Mornington Peninsula cafe, or over phone) with children’s author Wendy Orr.

BIO:Wendy Orr was born in Edmonton, Canada, and spent her childhood in various places across Canada, France, and the USA, but wherever she lived, there were lots of stories, adventures and animals. Wendy fell in love with the mountains when she went to summer camp in the Rockies when she was eight. When she was twelve, she climbed Pike’s Peak in Colorado with her father and sister, and will never forget the thrill of reaching the top! Raven’s Mountainis set in the high mountain country of British Columbia in Canada. This area is the home of many wild animals, including grizzlies and black bears. And very occasionally, a rare white Spirit Bear from the central coast of British Columbia has also been spotted further inland… Wendy is the author of several award-winning books, including Nim’s Island, Nim at Sea, Spook’s Shack, Mokie and Bik, and for teenagers, Peeling the Onion.

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    I would love to win this bid! I would appreciate some feedback regarding a manuscript I have completed for young adults.


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