255 Picture Book/The Race for the Chinese Zodiac: Gabrielle Wang

ITEM: One author signed copy of the picture book ‘The Race for the Chinese Zodiac’ written by Gabrielle Wang and illustrated by Sally Rippin.

DETAILS: A long time ago in ancient China, the Jade Emperor, ruler of heaven and earth, held a great race between the animals. He declared that the first twelve animals to cross to the other side of the mighty river would have a year named after them and thereby be forever immortalized on the Chinese Zodiac. The animals lined up on the shore eager to begin. Some chose to race honestly. Others were more devious. Some helped their friends along the way, while others raced alone. Some were distracted, while some focused with all their might on winning. But thirteen animals raced for only twelve places on the Zodiac. Who would come first? And who would miss out?

CV: Gabrielle Wang is an author and illustrator born in Melbourne of Chinese heritage. Her great grandfather came to Victoria during the Gold Rush. In her twenties she went in search of her roots, living in both China and Taiwan where she studied Chinese language and painting. Her stories are a blend of Chinese and Western culture with a touch of fantasy.

Gabrielle’s novel The Garden of Empress Cassia won the 2002 Aurealis Award, was shortlisted for the Queensland Premier’s Literary Awards and was a CBC Notable Book. The Pearl of Tiger Bay was shortlisted for the 2004 Aurealis Award and The Lion Drummer was named a Notable Book in the 2009 CBC Book of the Year Awards.

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