51 Signed Copies of 2 Aussie Bestsellers: Rachael Treasure

ITEM: A set of signed copies of the bestselling Australian novels The Stockmen and The Rouseabout by Rachael Treasure. 



The Stockmen… Rosie Highgrove-Jones grows up hating her double-barrelled name. She dreams of riding out over the wide plains of the family property, working on the land. Instead she’s stuck writing the social pages of the local paper. Then a terrible tragedy sparks a series of shocking revelations for Rosie and her family. As she tries to put her life back together, Rosie throws herself into researching the haunting true story of a 19th century Irish stockman who came to Australia and risked his all for a tiny pup and a wild dream. Is it just coincidence when Rosie meets a sexy Irish stockman of her own? And will Jim help her realise her deepest ambitions # or will he break her heart? The Stockmen moves effortlessly between the present and the past to reveal a simple yet hard-won truth # that both love and the land are timeless . . .

The Rouseabout… Kate Webster is a loveable larrikin who likes to play hard now and worry about the consequences later. She can’t help mucking up the opportunities life gives her. Rocked by the death of her mother, she takes on a dare at one of Australia’s wildest rural social events – a Bachelors & Spinsters ball – to ‘scalp’ gorgeous farm boy Nick McDonnell. It’s a dare that changes everything. For just as Kate is ready to start her new life, away from her grieving father and the pressures of the family farm, she discovers she is pregnant. Now, several years later, with toddler Nell by her side, it’s time for Kate to come home to face the music – and the father of her child . . . Set on the beautiful island of Tasmania, where Rachael Treasure once kicked up her own heels at B&S balls, The Rouseabout is an unforgettable story about discovering the things that truly matter, and finding love that lasts.

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CV: Rachael Treasure is the bestselling author of JillarooThe Stockmen and The Rouseabout, all bestsellers in Australia selling more than 100,000 combined copies by the end of 2007. She is a sheep and cattle farmer in Tasmania with her husband, John, and her children, Rosie and Charlie. The Treasure family has been droving cattle in the Dargo High Plains since the 1870s. Her latest book is The Cattleman’s Daughter.











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