Dear Buyers and Donors (that’s what we call you now, you know…),


Hundreds of emails are on their way to you right now but please don’t panic if you haven’t received yours yet, or if you’ve only received one and you actually bought 15 items (yes, I mean you at the back!), or donated several. We had to send individual emails for every item.


Some of them are getting stuck in the system (for example if a mailbox rejects one) and this holds up the whole process because we have to….well, that’s really dull so I won’t go into it but suffice to say it’s all happening! The email is from “Authors For Queensland” so do check your Junk mailbox just in case. We won’t take it personally. (We will.)


There is a line in the Buyers email to explain that although you are getting one email per item, you are free to pay into the Premier’s Disaster Relief Fund in one lump sum and send the receipt for that.


And the message to the Donors is basically “no need for any action yet”!


We have also included a dedicated email address for any queries. But it’ll still just be us answering them. In our pyjamas.


Thank you very much for your patience and, again, for your generosity. Over 100 emails have gone out but there are still over 100 in the queue, so no need to worry just yet.


Emily, Kate, Katrina and Fleur

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