One Week Later…

It’s been a week since our auction ended. Hundreds of emails have left our database, to highest bidders and donors, advising of your win – if you still haven’t received yours, please get in touch at and don’t forget to check your Junk Mail.


We’ve also received many receipts – 187 items have been paid for, with the money going directly into the Premier’s Disaster Relief Fund, a total of $12,687 safely deposited so far plus another $194 in extra donations as highest bidders in some cases rounded up their figures (thank you!).


We look forward to processing many more receipts and then announcing our final grand total – in pledged donations it is well over $20k now!


Thanks again to you all!



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  • kath Garrway  On 09/02/2011 at 11:18 am

    Hello one & All,

    I have recieved the results of one auction. ‘page seventeen’. I am looking forward to the other two.

    Cheers & Thank You,

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