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272 Signed Self-Help Book: Bronwyn Marquardt

Item: A signed copy of Happily Ever Parted (Surviving Separation and Divorce) by Bronwyn Marquardt 

Details: Happily Ever Parted will hold your hand during the emotional rollercoaster that is divorce. You’ll find everything you need to help you split for good – from divvying up CDs, sharing childcare, dating again (imagine!). You’ll also find practical advice on:

  • Coping strategies: what suits you?
  • How to cut costs when dealing with lawyers.
  • Marriage guidance counseling: pros and cons.
  • Sex with your ex: the pitfalls
  • Dividing up the property: how to stay calm.
  • Kids and custody: whose interests are first?

For more information please visit the author’s website

CV: Bronwyn Marquardt lives in Queensland with her husband, Kyle. They are both survivors of divorce who swore never to marry again, but did so anyway. They have two children and a family of pets. She is a journalist and a writer with 18 years experience. Bronwyn has written for leading magazines and newspapers in Australia and overseas, including New Idea, ‘Woman’s Day’, ‘The Australian’ ‘Women’s Weekly’, ‘The Age’ and ‘Mother and Baby’. She has also taught feature writing at university.

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