More support for flood appeal

Writers On Rafts has just launched!

The effort to recover from this wet season will require a whole lot of love, tenacity, and money, so Queensland Writers Centre (QWC) has gathered a group of the most determined writers we could find and we’ve built them a raft.

With Captain Rebecca Sparrow at the helm, Writers on Rafts is floating all over Australia raising support and dollars for the Queensland Premier’s Disaster Relief Appeal.

More than 130 writers and writing organisations are on board including Nick Earls, Kate Morton, Tara Moss, Kim Wilkins, Emily Jade O’Keeffe, Frances Whiting, Jessica Rudd, Kate Hunter, Marianne de Pierres, PM Newton, and Venero Armanno, and Sydney Writers’ Festival, Byron Bay Writers Festival and Melbourne Writers Festival, who are all donating books, workshops, author talks, lunches and editorial to winners of QWC’s Writers on Rafts initiative.


Limited edition ‘After the Rain’ e-anthology from FableCroft. Pay what you can

afford, all monies go towards the flood appeal. Recommended at least $10.

Ticonderoga Publications will replace flood-damaged copies of any of their in-print books for free (for individuals and public libraries – drop them a line for more details).

100 Stories for Queensland is a charity anthology looking for stories. 100% of the sales profit will be donated. Deadline is Friday 28th of January.

Books2Flood: Many creches, kindergartens and childcare centres have lost a lot of resources in the 2011 floods, including precious books. We hope to connect these needy centres with publishers willing to support them with book donations. Organised by Brisbane author Nick Earls, Riverbend Books staff & the book industry.


  • Ian Rae  On 19/01/2011 at 3:58 pm

    I am a novelist and short story writer, based partly in Australia, partly in Europe. I have had two novels published in the last two years by Kennedy & Boyd in Glasgow: “The Wizard from the Isles” and “Tribulation”. The third in the trilogy, “Dark Renaissance”, will be published in August this year for launch at the Edinburgh Book Festival. If you think it worthwhile, I would be happy to send you a signed copy of each of the two novels for inclusion in the auction.

    Cheers, Ian Rae

    • emilygale  On 21/01/2011 at 8:37 am

      Hi Ian, Thank you for visiting us. I’m afraid the donations have closed for this auction but I’m sure there will be other ways for you to donate your books to help this cause. Best wishes, Emily

  • Diane Curran  On 23/01/2011 at 4:38 pm

    Hi Emily,

    RWA is holding the Flooded Communities Book Appeal for book donations.

    Full details here:

  • Richard Marshall  On 25/01/2011 at 1:39 pm

    Hello – My name is Richard Marshall – I’m a parent who uses a childcare centre called “Margaret Cribb ChildCare Centre”, which is in St Lucia.

    Margaret Cribb and another centre near UQ in St Lucia were both destroyed in the recent floods. They are not-for-profit co-op type organisations and the insurance won’t cover the repair bills and restocking needed to get them back up.

    There’s a lot of good work going on by a fine group of people in establishing a temp facility on UQ grounds, but a deal of money will still need to be raised. One way is via a raffle.

    I’m writing to see if there’s the possiblity of organising a bundle of signed books by some local authors for the raffle?

    I appreciate this is an unsolicited email and I’m sure you are getting plenty of requests, but value any help you can give.

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