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220 Have a Character Named After You: Chris Morphew

ITEM: Chris Morphew will name a minor character in an upcoming book after the winning bidder!

DETAILS: If you’re the winning bidder Chris Morphew will use YOUR name in an upcoming book in The Phoenix Files Series.

221 YA Series/The Phoenix Files: Chris Morphew

ITEM: The first three books in Chris Morphew’s YA series, The Phoenix Files: Arrival, Contact and Mutation. All books are signed by the author. Chris has also added illustrations/commentary/notes into the margins. One of a kind!

See Chris talk about his prize here:


DETAILS: Welcome to Phoenix: a brand new, custom-built town in the middle of nowhere for the employees of the Shackleton Cooperative. When his mum is employed by Shackleton, Luke must leave everything behind to move to Phoenix. But not everything is as it seems – each student has their own laptop and the classrooms are fitted with the most high-tech equipment, but the phone lines and internet have been down for months, and contact with the outside world seems almost impossible.

BIO:25. Sydney, Australia. Author of The Phoenix Files. Writer, reader, primary school teacher, Jesus follower, coffee enthusiast.

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