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187 Blog Post About Winning Bidder on The Spontaneity Review: Patrick Lenton

ITEM: One post on Patrick Lenton’s blog The Spontaneity Review specifically about the winning bidder.

DETAILS: The Spontaneity Review is a comedy driven blog which has the sheer audacity to rate anything it lays its eyes on out of five stars. That hamster? Two stars. The Cretaceous period? Thats a four star era you got there. The highest bidder from this auction will get a blog post specifically about them, and will found out how they rate according to a intricate, and entirely arbitrary, rating system unique to the Spontaneity Review.

BIO:Patrick Lenton is an award winning playwright, comedy writer and blogger. His last play Sexy Tales of Paleontology won the ROFL Canadian Club comedy award at the Sydney Fringe Festival. His writing has appeared in publications such as The Age Newspaper, Best Australian Stories and Voiceworks. He once toured Australia as part of a poetry boyband known as The Bracket Creeps. His blog, The Spontaneity Review is a ludicrous attempt to score the world out of five stars.

Please bid in the comments box below.