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276 Structural Report (Children’s / YA): Penni Russon

Item: A detailed structural report of a manuscript up to 60,000 words.

Details: Report will be sent within 30 days of receiving the manuscript, unless otherwise agreed. Report to contain detailed feedback covering the areas of plot and structure; characterisation; writing and language; market potential; and other areas depending on the type of manuscript.

Bio: Penni Russon was born in Tasmania in 1974. Her latest novel is The Indigo Girls, part of an exciting new series published by Allen & Unwin in conjunction with Girlfriend Magazine.

Penni is the author of the Undine trilogy – Undine, Breathe and Drift. All three are published by Random House in Australia, while Undine and Breathe have been published by Greenwillow in the US. Unfortunately at this stage there are no plans to publish the third book in the US. If this makes you sad, please let Greenwillow know!

This magical trilogy is a reading experience. The sequence is never linear but written in loops, in and out of alternative worlds, governed by the laws of physics. Drift is full of significant meanings within meanings: highly intelligent and imaginative. ***** Good Reading Magazine

Penni has two novels in the works with Allen & Unwin. She is also the author of Josie and the Michael Steet Kids, published by Penguin as part of their popular Aussie Chomp series.

Penni has taught Creative Writing at Melbourne University, conducts workshops at schools and is becoming a popular public speaker for young people and adults. She has been invited to participate in the Melbourne Writer’s Festival in September 2008.

Penni also maintains a sometimes daily blog, called Eglantine’s Cake.







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