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187 Blog Post About Winning Bidder on The Spontaneity Review: Patrick Lenton

ITEM: One post on Patrick Lenton’s blog The Spontaneity Review specifically about the winning bidder.

DETAILS: The Spontaneity Review is a comedy driven blog which has the sheer audacity to rate anything it lays its eyes on out of five stars. That hamster? Two stars. The Cretaceous period? Thats a four star era you got there. The highest bidder from this auction will get a blog post specifically about them, and will found out how they rate according to a intricate, and entirely arbitrary, rating system unique to the Spontaneity Review.

BIO:Patrick Lenton is an award winning playwright, comedy writer and blogger. His last play Sexy Tales of Paleontology won the ROFL Canadian Club comedy award at the Sydney Fringe Festival. His writing has appeared in publications such as The Age Newspaper, Best Australian Stories and Voiceworks. He once toured Australia as part of a poetry boyband known as The Bracket Creeps. His blog, The Spontaneity Review is a ludicrous attempt to score the world out of five stars.

Please bid in the comments box below.

133 Setup of a WordPress site – Jeannie Barker

Item: Setup and customisation of a WordPress site (hosting and domain name not included).


Brief Bio: My professional background includes over 10 years in administration / executive assistant roles supporting educational program directors, executive level management, sales and marketing staff.

I have worked in several educational organisations in the marketing and publishing departments and my articles have been published in magazines, newspapers and on the internet.

In 2010 I launched a new business and this site offering my services in the areas I enjoy most: design and web publishing.



199 Childrens & YA/Guest Blog Post: Sharon M Johnston

ITEM: Guest Blog post on YAtopia

DETAILS: About YAtopia – We are eight writers passionate about Young Adult literature in all shapes and sizes. Visit the YAtopia website at

CV: YAtopia contributer Sharon M Johnston is a corporate communication manager and a former journalist from Australia who writes in her spare time, which there’s not a lot of when you have two energetic kids and an active husband. When she does get time to write, she’s usually either curled up on the lounge with one of her Himalayan Persians snuggled up next to her or overlooking the water at one of Mackay’s beautiful beaches while her lifeguard husband is on patrol. Sharon is currently querying for her first novel, MISHCA, which reached the Top 5 on the YA writer’s community site Inkpop in June 2010. It was voted as one of the top five projects out of more than 25,000 pieces of work on the site. You can visit her blog here